A comprehensive guide to product marketing — from messaging to influencing the product roadmap. Learn how to launch products, deliver value to the right customer, and grow your business.

“Product marketing, over the last few years, has grown to become a pivotal general management function and Srini’s book excellently breaks down all the different areas of product marketing ownership. Whether you’re interested in starting out or are a product marketing leader already, this book will really help you understand all the levers you’ll have at your disposal to make an impact.”

Anuneet Kumar
VP of Product Marketing, Salesforce

“Srini has done a great job of capturing the role of a Product Marketer. One part science, one part art, the PMM job is one of the hardest to do well. Srini exposes a toolkit that has evolved greatly over the past 20 years. Every early stage PMM should keep a well dogeared copy of this book by their desk.”

Nicolas Jacques
VP of Product Marketing, Barracuda Networks

“Srini lays out an excellent primer for product marketing, whether you’re looking to enter the discipline, wondering what your co-workers with that title actually do or want to sharpen your skills. The concepts are clearly illuminated, the methodology is sound and the examples are spot on. Every industry needs more skilled product marketers—this will help.”

— Jon Rooney
SVP of Product Marketing, New Relic

“A comprehensive guide that shows a structured approach to Product Marketing. A must-read for anybody that wants to learn about the art and science of this role.”

Jeevan Patil
         Head of Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki

“An excellent resource for Product Marketing professionals. Srini is a natural storyteller and explains the concepts and frameworks of Product Marketing in an easy-to-read style whilst adding various real-life examples that help illustrate the core concepts of Product Marketing in a new and fresh light.”

Rizwan Husain
Sr. Director of Product Management, Automation Anywhere

Product Marketing, Simplified covers:

  • Understanding the customer journey
  • Creating personas
  • Building positioning statements
  • Writing compelling messaging
  • Building a go-to-market strategy
  • Determining pricing and packaging
  • Launching products
  • Working with analysts and the press
  • Enabling sales and creating demand
  • Influencing the product roadmap

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